Best pizzas under 100RMB in Shanghai

Pick up a tasty slice without breaking the bank

Capricciosa at Mammamia
The best pizzas in Shanghai for under 100RMB

Capricciosa at Mammamia

Price 88RMB
Following a stint at Lujiazui’s Super Brand Mall, Enzo Carbone – former student of Salvatore Cuomo and the man behind Capo – has brought his Mammamia! pizzeria to Huaihai Zhong Lu, offering great value, delicious pizzas. The capricciosa (main image) nails both style and substance. Wonderfully charred edges give the yeasty dough a hint of smokiness that melds perfectly with a tangy tomato sauce. The ham is plentiful and the lightly blackened artichoke adds a nice buttery flavour. It’s also strewn with exceptionally good olives – if you’re sharing, you might find yourselves embroiled in a battle for them.
Mammamia! is at 1333 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Changshu Lu. See full address details

Capricciosa at Bella Napoli

Price 95RMB
There’s something about the capricciosa at Bella Napoli. It might be the bright red tomato sauce, the base that goes slightly soggy if it’s not eaten quickly enough, or maybe it’s the plentiful addition of toppings. Sometimes, when it comes to pizza, it just tastes right. Bella Napoli’s rendition of this classic has a hint of sweetness in the sauce, juicy olives and fresh basil. While not the most sophisticated of the pizzas on our list, it’s one of the most satisfying – especially when enjoyed in the pleasant courtyard of their Changle Lu branch.
Bella Napoli is at 946 Changle Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu. See full address details

Serafina at Gemma

Price 98RMB
The large open windows facing out onto Donghu Lu make Gemma one of our favourite places to eat in and hang out. On a menu of consistently tasty pizzas, the Serafina is one of our favourites for managing to perfectly balance rich toppings including mushrooms, stracciatella and prosciutto cotto on a sweet tomato base with a satisfying spread of stretchy buffalo mozzarella. The toppings are sparse compared to some others on this list, but that allows the quality ingredients to truly shine. Even better, if you order a medium or large Serafina on a Monday night, you'll get a medium Mara, Prima or Tropea pizza absolutely free.
Gemma is at 20 Donghu Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu. See full address details

Quattro Formaggi at Alexander Pizza

Price 88RMB
If your philosophy around how good a pizza is depends upon the amount of cheese involved, you'll thoroughly enjoy Alexander Pizza’s fabulous quattro formaggi pizza. Made on a perfect Italian base that is neither too crispy nor too soft, this 12-inch wonder is topped with mozzarella, gorgonzola, brie and parmesan. We recommend choosing the tomato base and indulging your cheese cravings in a big way; it’s not too greasy, and it doesn’t do that annoying thing where half the cheese gets left behind when you pull away a slice. The pizza kitchen has been doing its thing for many years, but is now only available for delivery. Should you turn up without being aware of this fact, however, the friendly staff will set up a table in the kitchen itself for you (at least, they did for us) meaning you can settle in for a good chat as your pizza dough gets rolled by hand in front of your eyes.
Alexander Pizza is at 75 Jiaozhou Lu, near Yuyao Lu. See full address details

Rucola and prosciutto pizza at Salute

Price 95RMB
Intimate, Italian-owned eatery Salute harbours a charming enclosed courtyard out the back, making for a romantic evening setting for wine, antipasti and, of course, pizza. Whisked to the table atop a small wooden paddle, each compact pizza is equal parts rustic and refined. Sour notes in the lightly charred crust build complexity, while a dense, chewy texture guarantees satisfaction. The classic tomato sauce is bright and gently sweet, offset with hunks of sharp Parmesan, while for this option the combination is enhanced with folds of delicate prosciutto and handfuls of fresh arugula. With top-quality ingredients in an enchanting atmosphere, the prices here are a relative bargain.
Salute is at 59 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Yongfu Lu. See full address details

Padrino at Soprano

Price 88RMB
What we say From the mind behind Kartel wine lounge, this hip little trattoria specialises in a standard selection of reasonably priced Italian favourites. We like the Padrino with prosciutto di Parma, arugula, tomato, mozzarella, parma ham and parmesan. The dough is beautifully charred and very crispy, contrasting nicely with a mix of fresh ingredients. It’s a good bite and worth a visit after hanging out at Wuding Lu's nearby drinking dens.
Soprano is at 993 Wuding Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu. See full address details

Hot American at Una's

Price 80RMB
What we say One of our go-to guilty pleasures, Una's pizzas are surprisingly satisfying and good value - especially as you can get a whole one for free any time you order two 12-inch pizzas. The Hot American is a fairly straightforward proposition, with slices of tasty pepperoni given extra kick thanks to the addition of jalapeno peppers. The thin crusted offerings are then finished off with a passable tomato sauce and pleasingly chewy mozzarella. They might not win any awards for authenticity, but they're still one of our favourite delivery options in this price bracket.
Una's Pizza is at 77 Changshu Lu, near Julu Lu. See full address details