Where to buy a barbecue

Three of the top barbecue and grill stockists in Shanghai



The British DIY chain B&Q has ten branches around town, which make excellent one-stop barbecue equipment shops. Their barbecues range from all-inclusive disposable foil-based options (9.90RMB), to cheap stand-up grills (99RMB) and fancier kettle cookers such as Blooma’s Veracruz model (499RMB). In addition to the cookers, they also provide charcoal (from 5.90RMB/150g) and a wide range of bamboo skewers (9.90RMB/50), grill baskets (26.90RMB), tongs (25RMB) and other grilling utensils.

Visit www.bnq.com for more information


For serious barbecuers, German cash and carry Metro trumps the competition. It has not only disposable barbecue trays (from 16.90RMB) and smaller cookers, but a range of more than 20 models of various shapes, sizes and prices going right up to a whopping stainless steel, triple grilling station for 7,999RMB.

Charcoal is priced from 29.80RMB/5kg and there’s a good range of utensils (such as tongs from 19.90RMB) available too. Crucially, as Metro’s main business is bulk quantities of food and drink, you can also pick up almost everything else you need for your barbecue there including bottles of Heinz BBQ Sauce (17.90) and Hunt’s Hickory Sauce (28.50RMB).

Visit www.metro.com.cn for more information


Online Canadian home appliance company www.renaudliving.com is also worth checking out for their range of ten quality barbecue models from indoor portable one grill cookers (2,900RMB) to the Black Dragon Egg cooker (9,800RMB),a round smoker, chargrill and wood-burning oven all in one.Once you've selected your barbecue you can also add on accessories such as outdoor covers (from 198RMB), additonal grill hot plates (480RMB), 7 set barbecue tool kit (290RMB) and charcoal bags (160RMB).

When you've made your purchase Renaud offer free home delivery and installation for all appliances, as well as delivering replacement gas canisters, meaning you can get your hands on all you need for the barbecue without leaving the house.

Visit www.renaudliving.com for more information