Honeyed and Killed - Album review

Hedgehog, Honeyed and Killed, Modern Sky

The jingle-jangle bounce-along hooks that gave Hedgehog their initial appeal have long since disappeared from their recorded material. Unfortunately, whereas 2009’s Blue Daydreaming replaced the cutesier parts with a more mature sound without sacrificing their energy, on Honeyed and Killed all the languid, sighing vocals and tripped-out guitar parts tend to mean Hedgehog wash over you, rather than get stuck in your head like they once did with songs like ‘Toy & 61 Festival’.

You can’t begrudge the band for wanting to change of course, and it’s still a good album, the trouble is that for all the deep moodiness of the music now, it doesn’t have the impact that Hedgehog’s material used to have. Songs such as ‘Kill Your Age’ and the album’s title track are infectious in a more subtle way, but much of the record passes you by. It’s Blue Daydreaming without the energy of ’24 Hour Party People’ and without the majesty of ‘Zuihou Yi Banche’.

Perhaps more interesting is the accompanying limited edition DEstroy meMOries album, a nine track CD that sees the band go all out on their more experimental tendencies. Here, the old Hedgehog is completely stripped away to expose walls of static and tracks lasting seven, eight and even nine minutes long – a far cry from the brief pop bursts of Noise Hit World. It’s meant as a record of demos and of the band’s experimentation, but you feel the band’s heart is in it more and it ends up making a greater impact than the main album it’s meant to accompany.

Jake Newby

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