Birdstriking - Album review

Birdstriking, Birdstriking Maybe Mars

Of the trio of bright young Beijing bands to recently release albums (the other two being Offset:Spectacles and Mr Graceless), Birdstriking’s effort is the one you’re most likely to feel as if you’ve heard before. Often seen as Carsick Cars in miniature, their debut LP cements that reputation: the record is layered with fuzzy Sonic Youth-like static and long, meandering guitar squeals, all at a very familiar pace.

It’s nevertheless a decent record – perhaps the biggest compliment being that many of the tracks wouldn’t have felt out of place on CSC’s albums. However, the band’s lyrics (sample: ‘You have the lies, the media/It doesn’t mean you can transform my mind’) have been deemed unharmonious, forcing Maybe Mars to limit the release of the record to just 200 copies, and those distributed on the quiet.

Jake Newby