The 1RMB challenge

This man wants to pay you to see a gig this weekend. Why?

This weekend sees two shows where, instead of charging an entrance fee, the organisers - DJ BO and Xiao Wei of local band Dabei - want to pay you money to go. The logic, according to BO, is 'to allow expats and Shanghainese music fans to explore popular acts in the other's respective music scenes. We're so passionate about this, the promoters will pay all audience members 1RMB each for coming and checking it out.'

The motivation for the shows comes from BO's belief that there is little overlap between Shanghai's expat and local communities on the music scene. 'As it currently stands, there are mostly exclusive expat and Chinese art scenes,' he says. 'With very few exceptions, and despite the efforts of many, few artists have been able to “cross-over.” This is a real shame, as their integration could lead to bigger audiences, more diverse shows, unique collaborations, and an overall more vibrant scene.'

Part one of the two-day event takes place at Yuyintang this Saturday, with Dabei joined by Prank, Senlinmu, Baiyu and Loudspeaker. Part two, also at YYT, is on Sunday afternoon and features Pairs, The Horde, Moon Tyrant, Pacific and Icenine.

Click on the links above or play the MP3s embedded below to hear tracks from, and read more about, the bands involved.

Loudspeaker's 'I Will Be Back!'

Baiyu's 'Lijiang'

Saturday's show details.

Sunday's show details.