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Don't lose your shit when Shanghai tests its air raid sirens tomorrow


Photograph: Jeremy Yap via Unsplash
Come Saturday, when an ominous wail in the distance wakes you from your deep and extended slumber, don't panic. Donald Trump's latest tweet storm hasn't escalated into a real firestorm, no-deal Brexit hasn't cascaded into a hungover 28 Days Later zombie situation and the bird-women sirens of Greek mythology are not trying to get you to jump in the sea and drown.


Translation: 'Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government Public Announcement: On 15 September, 11.35am to 11.58am, the entire city will be testing air raid sirens. Residents please cooperate by maintaining normal working and living routines.'

It's just a regular test by the city's civil defense authority, according to the public service announcement above, sent via SMS text to Shanghai phone numbers. Air raid sirens will be sounding from 11.35-11.58am, and you might even see some residents practicing air raid safety drills. So maybe put those earplugs in tonight if you plan on sleeping in past noon tomorrow.

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