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Eco Design Fair takes over the HKRI Taikoo Hui rooftop this weekend

The green-focused festival turns ten years old with two days of workshops, classes, talks and more

Photograph: Elaine Casap via Unsplash
Shanghai's longest running eco-initiative Eco Design Fair 2018 is back this weekend (October 20-21), celebrating its tenth year with two days of hands-on workshops, classes, talks and more all unfolding across the fourth floor rooftop garden of HKRI Taikoo Hui.

The grass-roots organisation hopes to mobilise citizens to reduce their carbon footprint through green awareness and community building. It does so through a bottom-up approach, one that encourages businesses, community groups and individuals to employ environmentally positive designs and practices in their respective lives. The event will give Shanghai residents the opportunity to interact with the city's most influential players in the push for a more sustainable future.

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Photograph: courtesy Eco Design Fair

The highlights? On Saturday 20 on the Main Stage, there will be a Food For Thought panel, a four-person discussion on the most important issues affecting our food and agriculture systems given by experts in the field from Gre3n, Slow Food, VeggieDorm and BioFarm. Across both days the Green Initiatives booth will be accepting donations such as used/old clothing, toys and electronics to be recycled at one of their collection programmes. Beyond that, Eco Design Fair will be hosting a series of hands-on workshops to help initiate you into the culture of up-cycling and green-living. Some of those offered include: floriculture, holistic medicine and kid-friendly eco-design. There will also be an array of fitness classes available each day of the fair, with zumba, yoga and kungfu, among others (prices vary). You can find the entire workshop and fitness class schedule here.

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Photograph: courtesy Eco Design Fair

Eco Design Fair supports the idea that change starts with the individual, and cos these events can wind up being pretty wasteful themselves, has put out a recommended BYO list of reusable items for attendees to help reduce waste and contribute to the mission of the weekend – utensils, water bottles, metal straws, totes, shopping bags, etc are among those suggested. To incentivise, people who bring their own items will be rewarded with vendor discounts at certain stalls.