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You can now buy tickets for the high speed train between Shanghai and Hong Kong

Speed (?) from Hongqiao to West Kowloon in just eight hours

Photograph: Redd Angelo via Unsplash
Ever wanted to get to Hong Kong a bit slower than usual? We're talking even slower than a metro to Suzhou. How about in, like, eight hours? Well, do we have the train for you...


Tickets went on sale at 8am yesterday (Sep 10) for the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express railway, according to SCMP, with some keen travellers queuing since Saturday morning to snap up tickets for the line which will come into operation on Sunday 23 and see trains travel between Hong Kong and 30 Mainland destinations, including Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan.

A train between Hong Kong and the capital will take around nine hours, according to ECNS Wire, while a trip from Shanghai Hongqiao to West Kowloon is expected to be eight hours and 18 minutes, which is pretty similar to how long it takes to get a taxi here after 11pm due to the current Didi late-night service blackout.

Image: via Trip.com

Tickets for trains between Shanghai and Hong Kong start at 1,008RMB (price according to Trip.com), with the first train expected to depart Hongqiao at 2.10pm on Sunday 23 at the time of writing.

Now, we know what you're thinking and, yes, it is cheaper to fly to Hong Kong – flights on Trip.com on the same day start at 931RMB and only take around two and half hours, as opposed to the train journey which is more than three times the length. But who thinks about price and time when travelling..?

So, whether you're popping down to buy that brand of fancy sun cream or M&S teabags you can't get on the Mainland and don't want to get there too quickly, or want to make your next visa run last just that little bit longer for some reason, maybe consider the high-speed train the next time you're heading to Hong Kong. It's a nice novelty while we patiently wait for the 30-minute Shanghai to Beijing magnetic space train that will one day kill us all...

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