The best places to get your pumpkin fix in Shanghai

Sweet, savoury and sippable, we've got you covered

Fact: come autumn, one of the best things to do is gorge yourself on apple desserts and pumpkin (and around here, hairy crab), but there never seems to be enough pumpkin spice stuff in Shanghai. But no worries – we've searched high and low to find some of the best pumpkin eats on offer this autumn, whether you fancy sweet, savoury or sippable.


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EGG changes its coconut chia pudding seasonally, and right now it's pumpkin spice. Not too sweet and full of soft chunks of sugary roasted pumpkin, this healthy breakfast bowl also throws in black sesame seeds and nutty pepitas. 40RMB.


Pree's another spot that's always on top of its seasonal flavours, and its made-to-order ice cream never disappoints. Head in now for pumpkin caramel ice cream with toasted pecans – it's creamy, spiced and totally delicious. 58RMB.


Pâte is packing all the awesome autumn flavours into one lovely little tart: the spiced pumpkin and apple tart has cinnamon baked right into its homemade crust, and then it's filled with apple compote and merengue. Then, the team blends whipped cream and roasted pumpkin to make this swirly top. Try the pumpkin cheesecake and the pumpkin cheesecake ice cream, too. 45RMB.

Al's Diner Pumpkin Pie copy

Al's classic pumpkin pie is custardy, seasoned with all the right spices and sits pretty inside a flaky butter crust with little tufts of cinnamon whipped cream on top. 28RMB per slice; 198RMB for a whole pie.

Amelia's x Bastiaan Bakery

pumpkin muffin

Amelia's has teamed up with Bastiaan Bakery for some gingery pumpkin muffins and other seasonal treats. 16RMB each at FIELDS.


Strictly Cookies has got your pumpkin needs in mind this autumn with Spookies – half pumpkin spice, half brownie little monsters that you won't be able to get enough of. You can also preorder a seasonal mixed box for November with straight-up pumpkin spice cookies and some soft and gooey sweet potato with toasted marshmallow cookies. Five Spookies for 65RMB at


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Bread etc's savoury pumpkin puff is flaky, buttery, and chock full of soft roasted pumpkin spiced with cumin, thyme and nutmeg, all tossed with walnuts for a bit of crunch. Try the pumpkin muffin with crumble topping, too. Pastry and muffin each 18RMB.


Looking to really up your pumpkin game? Try one with a whole lobster at Pirata – it's filled with pumpkin soup made with the lobster's head, plus the tail and claws pan-fried in butter and all garnished with poached leeks and fried pumpkin. This baby feeds three to four people, but best call ahead to reserve one. 398RMB.


The Chop Chop Club's whole roasted pumpkin is stuffed with onion, pancetta and cream and baked until it all melts together into a gooey, rich mess, with scoops of pumpkin falling away from the sides and mixing with the other fillings. It's a shell of perfection. 200RMB.


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Cobra Lily's Pumpkin Eggnog cocktail is a seasonal tipple that mixes dark double-aged rum, spice syrup, cocoa, coconut, milk, cream and pumpkin. 85RMB.


Charlie's pumpkin pie milkshake is downright sinful – it packs a big slice of pumpkin pie into an uber-thick vanilla milkshake that's sugary, spiced and calorific until the last drop. 55RMB.


Available now at all locations, Boxing Cat Brewery has got its amber-coloured Smashed Pumpkin Ale on draft – this beer is brewed with fresh pumpkin and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg for a smooth, creamy taste that only comes around once a year. 50RMB per pint or 35RMB during happy hour.

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