Three of Shanghai's best greeting card designers

Elegant, cute and funny greeting cards from independent designers

Bing Design
Find the perfect greeting cards for any special occasion in Shanghai. Time Out presents three of the best independent card designers selling elegant, cute and funny greeting card designs for birthdays, Christmas holidays, Mother's Day, engagements, Valentine's Day, new borns and more in Shanghai.

Bing Design

Founded by Tianjin-born graphic designer Deng Bingbing in 2009, Bing Design is the company behind Shanghai's striking homeware brand Piling Palang. While Deng's handcrafted ceramic and lacquer wares are a firm interiors favourite, less well-known is his range of stylish and affordable greeting cards, often influenced by the goods in store.

The signboard series, which match a range of serving dishes, and the intricate black and gold enamel inspired 'hydrangea' design are great for any event, while for dedicated special occasions, there is a full range of cutesy graphic prints in vibrant colours. Don't miss 'Love you, Mom' for Mother's Day, the adorable 'Welcome little one', which features a mother and baby elephant walking trunk to tail, and the 'It's your birthday, let's go party', with a tub of ice cream made to resemble the patterns of Piling Palang's gorgeous enamel print trinkets.

Cards are from 25RMB each. They also offer a decent range of matching wrapping paper (from 10RMB/roll).

Available from Piling Palang at Unit 116, Portman's Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. See full venue details here.

Pinyin Press

Since launching with a stall at the Paulaner Christmas fair in 2012, Mary Ching shoe designer Sarah Armstrong's sideline in quirky prints inspired by the Chinese language have become some of our favourite Shanghai gift items.

Armstrong hand-draws each design before getting them printed on greeting cards, tote bags, tea towels and T-shirts to resemble the work of a traditional hand-printing press.

For greeting cards we love the cursive, looping handwriting of xièxie ('thank you') and wǒ ài nǐ ('I love you'), and the clever, almost cartoonish, pictograms explaining Chinese words and phrases including computer (diànnǎo, electricity + brain). There is also a range for birthdays (shēngrì kuàilè) and a dedicated set of Christmas cards (shèngdàn kuàilè) featuring snowflakes, trees and presents, which can be bought at 100RMB/pack of five.

If you're after unique gifts to go along with the cards, don't miss the alphabet series of tote bags resembling pages from children's reading books, with messages such as A is for āyí, B is for bāozi, or, our favourite, Z is for zìxíngchē, (100RMB).

Cards from 23RMB each and 100RMB for a pack of five.

Available from Madame Mao's Dowry at 207 Julu Lu, near Fumin Lu. See full venue details here.



Shanghainese graphic designer Fei Yin works on branding for Shanghai restaurants including Wagas, Fortune Cookie and Pasha and turns her talents to greeting cards under the label Whiteismycolour.

Stylish and bold graphic typography such as 'Love you more than....' and 'I'm here for you' mean the cards can be adapted for different occasions, but we also like the subtle incorporation of traditional Chinese elements, such as rice spoons and tea cups edged in gold. Come winter there is a dedicated range of Christmas cards on recycled brown card featuring snowflakes, snow men and a playful pair of legs in red stockings.

Cards from 25RMB to 30RMB each.

Available from City'Super on Level B2, IFC Mall, Lujiazui. See venue details here.