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1029 Zhongshan Nan Lu
One of Shanghai's many locked room puzzle houses, X-Room is one of the largest in the city with 11 high-tech interactive themed rooms including 'Trojan horse' and the 'dictator's home' visitors are locked in these puzzle rooms and have to use their brains in a quest to escape. 

While other puzzle houses such as Mr X, puzzles are mainly numeric and active, here there are a number of linguist puzzles in Chinese as well as laser shows and treasure hunts, meaning a bilingual team is essential for victory.
Venue name: X-Room
Opening hours: 10am-12.45am
Admission: 120RMB/hour
Metro: Nanjing Xi Lu
English address: Second Floor, Building 6 1029 Zhongshan Nan Lu, near Nanpu Bridge
Chinese address: 黄浦区中山南路1029号幸福码头6号楼2楼,近南浦大桥