Pulupulu Theme Game Hall

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139 Miaojiang Lu
Resembling a huge theme park-style ghost house, plonked in a sparse area not far from the Power Station of Art, the Pulupulu Theme Game Hall is Shanghai’s latest house of horrors-esque attraction. Past the badly-translated English-adorned fake tombstones near the entrance, there’s an enormous Hogwarts-style banquet room, with various Mr X Mystery House-esque puzzle rooms (150RMB/person) on the sides inspired variably by Game of Thrones, ancient Egypt and vampires. 

Although the games rooms will be regularly be converted around a new theme, currently you can head into the Horror Hospital area (120RMB/person), where you’ll get chased around by zombie doctors in scenes not unlike the immigration medical tests expats have to go through on arrival in China. It’s worth a visit for kitschy fun, with each puzzle room holding up to eight punters. Make sure you book ahead though, it’s already getting popular even on weekdays and there are only so many zombies available.

By Jamie Fullerton

Venue name: Pulupulu Theme Game Hall
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
Admission: 150RMB/person
Metro: Nanpu Bridge
English address: 139 Miaojiang Lu, near Bansongyuan Lu, Huangpu district
Chinese address: 黄浦区 苗江路139号, 近半淞园路