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1728 Nanjing Xi Lu

Among the bustle of Nanjing Xi Lu sits a cafe with confidence. AUNN abbreviates ‘all U need now’ and assuredly purports to complete you. To prove the point, staff doled it out free from an adjacent storage space in the weeks before opening. The promotion built hype for masterfully prepared drinks like a fresh, luscious latte (30RMB), which tempers full-bodied espresso with silky Asahi milk. Also on the menu are bottled cold brew (30RMB) and ‘naked’ coffees such as Yirgacheffe (35RMB) and Sidamo (35RMB).

Aproned staffers stand behind gleaming glass and copper instruments, pouring and stirring with the focus of lab scientists. Patrons sip, type and read in 3D-printed chairs that fill the minimalist, Dutch-designed space. High ceilings, vast windows and a monochromatic palette emit polished serenity, in spite of the congested intersection outside.

For coffee-drinkers on the move, sexy cork takeaway cups look like trendy accessories. And they may become just that, as AUNN gains inevitable traction and its cleverly built brand pulls in an increasing crowd of devotees.

Elle Gurskis

Venue name: AUNN
Opening hours: 9am-10pm daily
Metro: Jingan Temple
English address: 1728 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu, Jingan District
Chinese address: 静安区南京西路1728号, 近华山路