The Pop Image – Andy Warhol’s 1962-1987

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Photograph: courtesy Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum , 210 Wenshui Lu Fri 01 Jan - Wed 07 Apr (Every day except Monday)
Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum celebrates the New Year with a colourful retrospective exhibition of the leading figure in pop art, Andy Warhol. It's showing 72 works the artist created between 1962 and 1987 including idiosyncratic screen prints, offset prints, photographies and videos. Expect the silkscreen paintings such as The Marilyn Diptych, Campbell's Soup Cans and more.
Date: Fri 01 Jan - Wed 07 Apr (Every day except Monday)
Event admission: 60RMB; 30RMB (early bird)
Venue name: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
English address: Building 3 210 Wenshui Lu, near Wanrong Lu. Jing'an District
Chinese address: 汶水路210号静安新业坊3号楼