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All Shanghai schools are to remain closed until mid-February

The move is a bid to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Photograph: Rubén Rodriguez via Unsplash
The recent nationwide outbreak of the novel coronavirus has been nothing to sneeze at, even resulting in the entire city of Wuhan being placed on lockdown. Here in Shanghai, the city’s measures to contain the virus have been swift and admittedly quite impressive. SHINE reports that the Shanghai Education Commission has announced that all local schools – both public and private – are now to remain closed until Monday 17 February. Nurseries will be closed even longer, until the end of February.

The extension of the break is an effort to prevent the virus from spreading. To keep you and your little ones safer during this time, it is advised to avoid public spaces as much as possible, wear an appropriate mask to prevent exposure when going out, frequently wash your hands with soap and hot water and so on.

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