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Parenting fails: the funniest parenting blunders from Shanghai families

Sometimes we're bad mums and dads, okay? Laugh now and deny it later.

Illustration: Tana
No parent is perfect. In fact, sometimes parents fail pretty hard at the whole parenting thing. That's why we've decided to embrace it! So many parents have shared their parenting fail stories over the years – and here are our favourites so far this summer.

‘I took my first-grader out to a restaurant for dinner. We both woke up late the next morning, and she missed her class trip to the natural history museum.’ – Ling, Xuhui

‘My daughter saw me weeding our planter boxes and pruning herbs on the terrace when I turned around after answering a phone call, she was ripping up all the mint plants and said, “Don’t worry if you’re busy. I’ve got it.”’ – Hang, Huangpu

‘My three-year-old loves to draw, so I gave him some crayons while I was on a video conference call for work. Partway through the meeting, I noticed my boss with a funny expression on his face and saw on the screen that Charlie was drawing on the wall behind me.’ – Rui, Jingan

‘I didn’t realise that my toddler got plane-sick until he threw up all over me just as we were taking off. We arrived four hours later, my pants were thoroughly soaked, and everyone on the plane was holding their nose.’ – George, Changning

‘I made French toast for my son. Good thing I took a taste of it when I put the plate down: what thought was cinnamon was actually cayenne.’ – Kyung, Minhang

‘I filled my kid’s backpack with all of her first-day-of-school stuff, but when she tried to pick it up to get in the car, she couldn’t lift it.’ – Vicki, Pudong

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