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Parenting fails: the funniest parenting blunders from Shanghai families

Sometimes we're bad mums and dads, okay? Laugh now and deny it later.

Illustrations: Tana
No parent is perfect. In fact, sometimes parents fail pretty hard at the whole parenting thing. That's why we've decided to embrace it! So many parents have shared their parenting fail stories over the years – and here are our favourites so far this month.

‘My daughter wrote a letter to the tooth fairy with a drawing of a toothless girl and the words, “Please don’t forget again!”’

‘My four-year-old noticed that I ate poke bowls for lunch several days in a row and told me, “You’re picky like a baby.”’

‘I accidentally ate my kid’s “special” Monday lunch snack that he was looking forward to all weekend. He cried at school.’

Parenting Fails8.26-01

‘I drew a bath for our toddler, and it took about five minutes of playing in the water to realise that she still had her socks on.’

‘I was having a very relaxing late afternoon after a super hectic work day... then I realised why: I’d forgotten to pick the kids up from daycare. Doh!’

‘We let our six-year-old hold on to the lead for our very spirited new puppy just a few minutes before school. Of course, they both ended up in a massive, muddy puddle.’

‘I asked my son why his pillow was wet and he said, “That’s where I’m keeping my spit.”’

‘We stay in touch by sending short video messages to my toddler’s grandparents abroad. I left my phone unlocked on the couch one afternoon and she decided to send a missive of her own – but to my work group chat.’