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Parenting fails: the funniest parenting blunders from Shanghai families

Sometimes we're bad mums and dads, okay? Laugh now and deny it later

Illustrations: Tana
No parent is perfect. In fact, sometimes parents fail pretty hard at the whole parenting thing. That's why we've decided to embrace it! So many parents have shared their parenting fail stories over the years – and here are our favourites so far this month.

‘We caught our son selling his little sister a “magic potion” (sugar water) in exchange for her weekly pocket money.’

‘My daughter is going through a phase of repeating things and told her teacher that she was “driving her to drink”.’

‘My kid caught me in the act eating Santa’s cookies and was inconsolable – she was convinced he wasn’t going to come.’

‘I gave my kids chocolate-covered raisins as a treat and later found a handful of soggy raisins (without chocolate) shoved down the side of the sofa.’

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‘I gave my son the grown-up task of carrying his mum’s labour-of-love birthday cake to the table – it ended up on the kitchen floor.’

‘I turned my back for a second, which was apparently enough time for my toddler to smear his entire dinner all over himself and his baby brother.’

‘My toddler has been doing so well at potty training that I forgot to mention to my sister she wasn’t wearing a nappy. She got so caught up playing that she peed on her aunt’s lap.’

‘Our kid walked in when my partner and I were having a little spat. She told us – with the most deadpan expression – to behave ourselves or she’d have to give us a time out.’

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