The best pre-natal yoga and Pilates classes in Shanghai

Mums-to-be can relax, stretch and tone at these prenatal yoga and Pilates classes designed just for them

Photograph: courtesy Dragon Space
Shanghai mums-to-be can relax, stretch and tone at these prenatal yoga and Pilates classes designed just for them.

Dragon Space

A studio that specialises in prenatal yoga – as well as fertility and postnatal classes – Dragon Space hold sessions every day of the week that help mums-to-be (from 14 weeks onwards) maintain healthy and strong minds and bodies. Practices like meditation and pranayama ease anxieties and keep mother and baby calm, while physically the classes can relieve the strains and pains that come with pregnancy, and strengthen muscles for delivery – with a focus on the likes of pelvic floor exercises.

Dragon Space also doubles up as a community space to meet other expecting mums and hosts monthly postyoga belly painting workshops (recommended after 25 weeks).

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800 Changde Lu

American-Sino OB/GYN Service

A hospital and clinic dedicated to all things women and children, American-Sino OB/GYN offers twice-weekly. bilingual prenatal yoga classes devised by an attending doctor who has over 30 years of experience welcoming babies into the world and carried out by a professional yoga instructor. The classes are held Mondays at the DingXiang Outpatient and Thursday at American-Sino Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Alongside yoga, this parent-and-baby haven offers Lamaze, postnatal, breastfeeding and postpartum care classes and more.

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800 Huashan Lu

Redleaf Hospital

This first-class women’s hospital is located in the centre of town and offers impeccable facilities – particularly for expectant mothers. Every Wednesday afternoon, the hospital offers a prenatal Pilates class for expecting mothers (in Chinese only) that runs through moves focused on relaxation and strengthening. Redleaf also offers a series of pre and postnatal classes to guide expecting parents through labour and delivery and more.

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155 Songyuan Lu

X-Pilates Studio

A well-trusted studio, X-Pilates offers personalised one-on-one prenatal classes that lead expecting mothers through pelvic floor, core activation, leg strength and body alignment exercises to minimise discomfort during pregnancy and labour and help speed up the recovery period.

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10 Shunchang Lu

Z&B Fitness

A popular fitness boutique, Z&B’s Pre/postnatal Pilates Mat class leads expecting and new mums through a gentle and low-impact session. During the class, women are taught how to use breathing and their own body weight to strengthen and tone key muscles that can help prevent typical discomforts associated with pregnancy – including the common culprits like back pain and a weak pelvic floor muscle. As an alternative, Z&B’s Barre class – although not strictly for mums-to-be only – can also be adapted for pregnant women and is a great way to stretch and tone.

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1219 Changle Lu