The world’s first Peppa Pig indoor theme park is now open in Shanghai

From tree houses to climb and tunnels to explore, here's what's in store at Peppa Pig World of Play

Photograph: courtesy Peppa Pig World of Play (Grandpa Pig's garden)
Peppa Pig is possibly the country’s most famous pig, if you follow any pop culture news in China. After accidentally becoming a subculture icon and being featured in a short film that went viral, the pink piglet is finally being appreciated as her creator intended – to bring fun to kids. Peppa Pig World of Play, the world’s first of its kind, opened has opened in Shanghai’s LC Mall.

Peppa pic 2
Photograph: courtesy Peppa Pig World of Play (Miss Rabbit's school bus)

The team replicated ten settings from the animation including Peppa’s house, George’s fort, Grandpa Pig’s garden and (our favourite), the mud puddle. After entering the park, the adventure starts at Miss Rabbit’s school bus where kids will find a bunch of musical instruments to play with.

Peppa pic 3
Photograph: courtesy Peppa Pig World of Play (Rebecca Rabbit's underground adventure)

The rest of the play centre has more than 30 activities like helping Peppa’s mum with the shopping, delivering mail for Zoe Zebra or learning to recycle garbage in Peppa’s kitchen. For a bit of downtime, head to the mini cinema to watch Peppa Pig episodes. Much needed for this time of year, it’s also a place where kids can run around and burn off some energy: there are mini bikes to peddle, a tree house to climb, ‘mud puddles’ to jump into and 'underground' tunnels to explore.

Peppa pic 4
Photograph: courtesy Peppa Pig World of Play

Tickets are valid for two hours, and we’re told staff speak both Mandarin and English. There’s also a small café to stop for a drink and snack, and of course, a gift shop that the kiddies will definitely want to spend some money, er, time in.

Peppa pic 5
Photograph: courtesy Peppa Pig World of Play (gift shop)

Venue details

Peppa Pig World of Play

This 1,100 square-meter park has ten play areas, all of which were carefully designed to replicate the settings from the beloved animation

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2389 Zhangyang Lu;

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