9 healthy treats you can order through WeChat

For snack time made easy...

As long as you have charge in your smartphone, all-natural and delicious snacks are never far away in Shanghai. For packing lunches or after-school snack time made easy, try a few of our favourite WeChat shops that deliver right to your door.


Dairy-free coconut yogurt from Yeyo is packed full of vitamins and minerals, probiotics and fibre, while being thick and creamy. The company offers plain, lightly sweetened or fruit compote flavours that change weekly – pour them over cereal, blend into smoothies or simply grab a spoon and dig in – and recycling discounts for returning the glass bottles.

From 100RMB for four, delivery 20RMB. WeChat: yeyo-yogurt.

Morning Lab

If it’s sugarless, flourless and butterless can you still call it a cookie? With these tasty treats from Morning Lab, we reckon kids won’t notice the difference. Don’t miss the chewy and spicy ginger chocolate chip variety.

From 64RMB for ten, delivery 8RMB. WeChat: morninglab.


Dali Bars

Gotta love it when you can understand everything on an ingredients list. Yunnan-based Dali Bar creates granola bars without harmful preservatives or artificial colouring in delicious flavours like apple pie and and cashew ginger.

78RMB for six; WeChat: dalibars.

Juice By Melissa

Parents need every opportunity to get extra veggies into little ones’ diets. Sneak in kale, carrot or beetroot by way of delicious cold-pressed juice – and why not order a Cold-Pressed Cocktail or two for yourself?

From 50RMB for 420mL, delivery from 16RMB. WeChat: juice-by-melissa.

Naked Nut Butters

With Naked Nut Butters’ selection of handmade spreads, flavours range from classic like Almond Choco Chip, to unexpected like the Tir-la-misu, a mix of almond, tiramisu syrup and chilli powder.

From 50RMB. WeChat: NAKEDnutbutters.



The team at Shanghai-based Gre3n believe that coconut is the seed of life. Wherever you stand on the coconut as a health food debate, there’s no denying coconut water makes for a refreshing beverage (and is packed full of electrolytes). The company’s sweet and crunchy coconut chips make for a tasty snack, too.

Coconut water, 70RMB for four. Coconut chips, 80RMB for five. WeChat: gogre3n.

Bu Shao

Bu Shao is a healthy snack brand whose products have no additives or artificial ingredients. Products include all-natural fruit leather, granola clusters and veggie snacks like kale chips and vegetable crackers – and the best part is that there’s no minimum order fee and delivery is free with orders over 100RMB.

Delivery from 10RMB. WeChat: bushao2015.


Manna Source

By creating nutrient-dense snacks that are full of flavour, Manna Source’s mission is to increase awareness about how different foods affect health. With produce sourced from Shunyi farms and USDA certified organic companies, Manna Source offers a line of tasty kale chips in different flavours as well as kombucha.

Delivery minimum 230RMB. WeChat: MannaSourceChina.

Mantra Bars

Mantra’s nut and fruit bars are refined-sugar and additive free, and come in three flavours (Coffee, Lemon Ginger, Cinnamon Cacao).

80RMB for six, delivery 10RMB. WeChat: mantrabar.

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