Kid's Eye View: Shanghai Animation Museum

Time Out's junior reporter hangs out with Spiderman and Mickey Mouse

In Kid's Eye View, we asked Shanghai's students to review some of the city's most popular children's attractions to see if they really do make for a good family day out

The attraction
The Shanghai Animation and Comics Museum, Zhangjiang Lu, Pudong. See full address details.

The reporter Oscar Qin, age 6, Shanghai United International School

We visited the Shanghai Animation and Comics Museum, which I had never been to before. We stayed there for about four hours because I liked loads of things at the museum. For instance, there were lots of cartoon characters to see, models of Spiderman, Captain America, Mickey Mouse, Astro Boy, Black Cat Sheriff, and others. I even got to watch the old cartoon programmes on TVs in the museum. However, I didn’t like seeing Sanmao [from the Chinese cartoon, Wanderings of Sanmao], because he only has three hairs. I think that’s scary!

I also got to see a balloon show. The show taught us how to use balloons to make fun things- like how you can twist a balloon to make a gun, an animal, even Mickey Mouse. The most interesting one they showed us was how to make a bumblebee, with wings and an antenna. The staff even taught me how to use balloons to make a sword and different cartoon characters in simple steps, which was really nice. That was cool. I also got to take lots of pictures with the cartoon characters that were made out of balloons, 3D style, and you could buy some balloon animals and cartoon characters as souvenirs. But I wish they could exhibit characters made of wood, glass or metal, not just ones made from balloons. That would make the museum more interesting than it is.

"Shanghai-animation-museum-2"Probably my favourite part was the Gashapon capsule machines because I got some of my favourite cartoon toys from there. It also was my little brother’s favourite part. They had about 100 Gashapon capsule machines with many different toys. I was really pleased to get one with a creature from Pokémon.

My parents really liked the museum as well. There was a small bar in the second floor corner where we could buy drinks and snacks and they were so happy that we could all go together and that they got to see cartoons from when they were children, too. It brought back so many memories from their childhood.

I would love to go back and it would be nice to go together with my friends next time. Although since the museum is far from the city centre, it’s easier to get to for those who live in Pudong.

The Shanghai Animation Museum is at 69 Zhangjiang Lu, Pudong. See full address details.

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