Top 11 summer camps in Shanghai

Make this school holiday a great one for the kids with these fun activities

Here comes the summer holiday! Make this period an enriching one for the kids with our picks of Shanghai's top summer camps

Early Development


When: 22 June to 17 July

Who: Children who have completed nursery through Grade Two

Hosted by: Shanghai Community International School

cost: From 2,000RMB/week


The Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) is organising summer camps at their Hongqiao and Pudong campuses slew of programmes that will keep the little ones entertained and stimulated with all the activities specifically designed with the early learner in mind. The line-up include a lot of games, sports, outdoor exploration, fun field trips, art and music classes, as well as Mandarin lessons.

The social development aspect will also be covered during these camps as the children get to interact with one another during course work and play time. Both full-day and halfday tuition include lunch and all summer camp activity costs. Parents can also pay an additional fee to have transportation included in the package.

Work up a sweat


When: 22 June to 17 July

Who: Children ages 5 to 12

Hosted by: Dulwich College Shanghai

Cost: 2,000RMB (Dulwich students), 2,250RMB non-students


If your child is budding sportsperson who just cannot keep still, this camp by Dulwich College Shanghai (DCS) is one of the best choices for treating him or her to an eventful and enriching summer. The DCS Active Summer Camp allows your child to take part in not just one but a variety of sports, learning its proper techniques as well as understanding its rules. These include daily swimming sessions with elite coaches, soccer, basketball, badminton, hockey, cricket, T-ball, table tennis and multi-gym sessions. Held at the college grounds and the newly refurbished swimming pool at the German Center in Pudong, the camp will also engage your child’s creative side with age-appropriate art and craft lessons, giving him or her a well-rounded, fun and educational break this holidays.

Art of communication


When: 22 June to 7 August

Who: Children of all ages

Hosted by: The Essential Learning Group

Cost: Email ELG to find out


The Essential Learning Group (ELG) is well known for its teaching methods, one that stands out from the crowd with its mantra of ‘teaching the student’ instead of the group. The classes held at ELG are highly individualised, catering to each student’s specific level as well as needs, ensuring that he or she gets the most effective learning experience.

The school will be adopting this approach in its summer camp this holidays, with a focus on developing behaviour, communication and social skills. The school’s qualified team of therapists, educators and program facilitators will provide participants with a structured, theme-based schedule that features field trips, arts and crafts lessons and therapy-based group activities that will allow the children to mingle and develop their social skills.

A boutique experience


When: 22 June tp 21 August

Who: Children aged 5 to 14

Hosted by: Children's Boutique

Cost: 1,080RMB/week

Contact: 5897 7313,

Give your kids a memorable summer at Children’s Boutique where they will make new friends while having a ball of a time learning about new things at its summer camp. These Monday to Friday camps provide a holistic learning experience with a fun-filled, comprehensive itinerary that will keep your child physically and mentally fit. Some of the highlights include kid’s golf, swimming, tennis classes, arts and crafts lessons, musical theatre performances and creative writing guidance. There are half and full day camps to choose from and those enrolling more than two children will enjoy discounts. Transportation can also be arranged for an additional fee.

Football with the Red Devils


When: 27 to 29 June, 1 to 3 July

Who: Children aged 6 to 17

Hosted by: British International School Shanghai

Cost: 3,890RMB/week


If there’s one thing that will convince your kid to get off the couch this summer and out into the sun, it’s got to be Manchester United. The Red Devils, who have won the most English league titles in history, boast having one of the most popular football schools in the world.

And they will be conducting two three-day football camps at the British International School’s Puxi and Pudong campuses. The children will undergo six different coaching sessions in addition to three leadership workshops, getting to experience first-hand the ‘Manchester United Way’ of playing football from some of the best coaches in England. These highly experienced coaches will be on hand to ensure that all participants, regardless of how old they are, receive challenging but achievable training.

Journey of discovery


When: 22 June to 7 August

Who: Chilrden who have completed kindergarten through to grade 10

Hosted by: Shanghai American School

Cost: 6,00RMB


Dedicated to providing students with topquality academic guidance, the Shanghai American School is rolling out their Summer Discovery programme that offers a wide range of courses covering science, English language development, music, Chinese classes and sports training.

Lunch is provided for all programmes, and attendees will even receive a course T-shirt, backpack as well as a program certificate. Some of the highlights include the Green Science course for lower and upper elementary children where they will learn about where trash goes, the process of decomposition and how our lifestyles and decisions affect the Earth. The course will also delve into topics such as green energy sources like solar and wind power, and the students will get to construct their own ‘green’ devices by implementing what they have learned.

Another exciting option is the Robo Transformer and Wild Animal Park course where kids will learn about the principles of mechanical movement, from machine linkages, gears to motors, before building their own robot from scratch. For the wildlife segment of the course, children will be introduced to a microscope and view plant and animal cells upclose, as well as learn about the science behind flying kites and powerful catapults.

Fun Chinese


When: 29 June to 10 July/ 13 July to 24 July

Who: Children of ages 5 to 11

Hosted by: YK Pao School Primary Division

Cost: 10,500RMB


Shanghai may only be your child’s adopted home but why not make the most of this experience and let him or her master the Chinese language? The YK Pao School’s summer classes promise to enhance your child’s conversational skills in Chinese, as well as hone their ability to read and write Chinese characters via activity-based lessons and reallife learning. Besides classroom-based lessons, your child will also be taking part in fun-filled playing, calligraphy classes, martial arts sessions and community visits - that will enhance the whole learning experience. The course materials prepared for all students are specially designed to provide non-native Chinese speakers with a fun and effective way to learn about the language and China’s culture.

High-tech fun


When: 29 June to 17 July

Who: Children of ages 3 to grade 10

Hosted by: Western International School of Shanghai

Cost: From 3,000RMB


If you’re looking to enrol your child in a summer camp that offers distinctive courses not seen in other educational institutes, the movie-making and video game design lessons held by the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) certainly stand out. Apart from a selection of academic enrichment programmes that focus on literacy, numeracy as well as science skills and concepts, WISS has included these two exciting courses in this year’s summer camp itinerary that promises to expand your child’s capacity for creative thinking.

Children taking part in the movie-making class will learn how to work together as a film crew to bring their ideas to life on the silver screen. They will also be taught how to write, produce, direct and even act in their own films. All film equipment will be provided during the course so there’s no need to worry about buying your child a super expensive camera (though that might be a good excuse to get yourself one!) before he or she can attend the course.

Needless to say, the video game design course will undoubtedly be a hot favourite among children because for once in their lives, they’ll actually be creating a game instead of playing it. Participants will learn how to use Kodu Game Lab, a game design software that was designed specifically to be accessible to children, and it promises to be a whole lot of fun because the kids will be using visual elements to create a program instead of having to type endless lines of code. The course will teach children about different gaming concepts and the processes involved in animating a character, and there will even be a friendly competition among students to determine who can create the best game.

Arts and science


When: 29 June to 28 August

Who: Children ages 4 to 11

Hosted by: Colorbox Arts

Cost: From 350RMB/day

Contact:, 6467 7002

Colorbox Arts, the sister studio of Art Station 20 along Xiangyang Nan Lu, will be holding two summer camps for children of different age groups this summer, and each will provide a colourful learning experience using innovative art and science classes. The Summer Art and Science Fun course, for children aged 4 to 6, will engage kids with music and story-telling while also introducing to them one of the world’s most famous artist – Andy Warhol – and have them attempt to recreate some of Warhol’s colourful works.

Children aged 7 to 11 can participate in the Summer Art and Science Camp where they will learn slightly more advanced art techniques and be taught how to develop their own interpretations and create personalised works of art. The project themes in this camp will be based on Warhol, Monet, Matisse, Louise Nevelson, Brigit Riley, Serat, Japanese printmaking and Chinese watercolor painting. Exciting science experiments also features in both courses, and the children will be involved in projects that touch on friction, inertia, light, as well as simple chemical reactions in the form of paper mache volcanos and inertiadriven pendulum paintings. Children aged 12 and above are also welcome to join and parents get enjoy a 10 per cent discount on course fees when enrolling more than one child.

The Montessori way


When: 29 June to 21 August

Who: Children ages 3 to 6

Hosted by: Montessori School of Shanghai

Cost: Emailed Montessori to find out


This summer break, let the children be immersed in the unique teaching environment a Montessori school provides, and see them reap the benefits of this educational approach. Developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori, this teaching philosophy has a keen focus on a child’s independence and natural disposition for learning, and aims to develop skills based on group instruction and cooperation, instead of through memorisation and drills.

The Montessori School of Shanghai will be holding their Summer Wonder Journey camp this holiday season and it aims to help stimulate children’s’ creativity and imagination while letting them make new friends. Activities include art classes where the participants will get to have fun with mixing different colours to create new ones, while fun practical experiments during science lessons will allow them to have a better grasp of basic theories. Also included in the camp are cooking classes, pottery lessons and colourful field trips. The summer programs will span across eight weeks and six sessions, and parents have the flexibility of enrolling their children into any particular session.