Fresh spring recipes for families

Step by step guide to spring treats by the city's top chefs

Spring is here which means it’s time to enjoy fresh flavours and lighter dishes. We ask three top chefs to share their favourite spring recipes for families with us.

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II Sorriso pizza

II Sorriso pizza

by Rahim Mohammed, chef and Research and Development Director at Pizza Express China

‘I have three kids and they really like salmon and chicken,which are pretty common protein favourites amongst kids.This recipe’s great because it’s away to get children to eat veggies without them even noticing. This pizza’s got a real sweet element to it which is something kids also enjoy, plus it’s an enticingly colourful dish to boot’


• 220g dough 

• 90g tomato passata (cannedtomatoes, ideally San Marzaroones) 

• 80g honey roasted chicken(marinate with honey beforeroasting)

• 60g ricotta 

• 6 chopped cherrytomatoes 

• 20g of pancetta, injulienne strips 

• 2-3 pinches of freshrosemary 

• Black pepper forseasoning 

• 1 pinch of salt 

• 1 pinch dry oregano 

• 6 pieces of fresh basil 

• 1 lemon wedge


1 Toss the dough. Once you’re satisfied with its consistency,stretch it out into a 10 inch pizza base. 

2 Spread the tomato passata over the pizza base. 

3 Put the ingredients on the pizza base in the order of ricotta,cherry tomatoes, pancetta and honey roasted chicken. 

4 Sprinkle the rosemary, black pepper, salt and oregano over the pizza. 

5 Preheat the oven to 190 °C and put the pizza in for 5 and a half minutes. 

6 Take the pizza out and garnish with basil and lemon.

Nutella cookies

Nutella cookies

by Linda Fu, pastry chef at Grand Hyatt Shanghai

‘Cookies are one of the most adaptable snacks you can make. You can make this a healthier snack by adding in nuts or you can really dress them up with colourful garnishments and treats for a birthday party. Or children can just enjoy these at school as a yummy treat!’


Cookie dough (makes one batch) 

• 300g sugar 

• 300g butter, softened 

• 3 eggs 

• 600g all-purpose flour 


• 1 jar Nutella 


1 Put the butter and sugar in a medium sized bowl, mixing them together with an electric cake mixer. 

2 Add the eggs in one by one to the mixture, continuing to blend all the ingredients together. 

3 Slowly fold the flour into the mixture and keep combining until smooth. 

4 Cover the cookie dough with cling wrap and leave it to set in the fridge for 3 hours. After 3 hours, take the dough out and preheat your oven to 180°C. 

5 Sprinkle some flour over a kitchen counter and roll out the dough with a rolling pin to a 2mm thickness. 

6 Use your favourite cutters to cut out cookie shapes; arrange shapes onto a tray with baking paper. 

7 Bake for 15 minutes or until cookies are golden brown.

8 When the cookies have cooled down, take one and spread nutella on one of its sides. Place another cookie over the nutella, making sure the filling is spread evenly. 

9 Keep the cookies as they are or decorate to your preference with toppings of your choice. Get as creative and colourful as you like!

Mango Pana Cotta

Mango Pana Cotta

by Benny Wu, sous-chef at Blue Frog Bar & Grill

‘This is a fresher take on the traditional panna cotta recipe that’s ideal for warmer weather. Kids love the zestier taste that the mango lends the dish’


• 2 leaves of vegetarian gelatin 

• 1/3 cup castor sugar 

• 1 cup milk 

• 1 cup mango pulp 

• 1 ripe mango 

• Dollop of fresh cream 


1 In a medium sized bowl, soak the gelatin leaves in cold water, stirring until the gelatin is soft. 

2 In a small pan, simmer the milk. 

3 In another pan, combine the mango pulp with the castor sugar over a medium heat. 

4 Lift the soft gelatin leaves out of the bowl, wringing gently to remove excess water. Stir the leaves into the mango pulp and castor sugar. 

5 Pour the milk slowly into the mango pulp mixture, stirring well. 

6 Pour the mixture into moulds and refrigerate for 6 hours before serving with slices of mango and a dollop of cream on top. Serve at a dinner party or just as a quick and easy weekday dessert.