8 empowering children's books to add to your shelves

Experts recommend the best titles to help kids work through the trials and tribulations of childhood

Being a parent of course has its difficulties, but so does being a kid. As adults, we sometimes forget the trials and tribulations that come with growing up. To raise awareness of these underlying issues, the American Psychological Association and Magination Press have joined forces to publish a series of children's books. Written by medical experts and illustrated with colourful images, these publications address themes such as accepting ourselves, overcoming stress and building strong and healthy familial bonds – good for children and adults alike.

All listed titles can be purchased on amazon.cn.
What to Do When You Worry Too Much

What to Do When You Worry Too Much

Who's it for? Kids aged six to 12; especially for those who are suffering from anxiety and overthinking. 

Why the publisher recommends it 'This is a workbook that helps guide kids aged six to 11 and their parents through the cognitive-behavioural techniques most often used in therapy for anxiety. It includes illustrations and activities that help kids understand what their anxiety is and how what they can do to cope with it.'

Price 88RMB on amazon.cn.

My Sister Beth’s Pink Birthday

My Sister Beth’s Pink Birthday

Who's it for? Anyone looking for a bit of help to overcome classic sibling rivalry.

The publisher says: 'This picture book helps parents address normal tensions in sibling relationships. Beth looks up to her big sister Jen, but she gets so envious of the attention Beth receives during her birthday party that she decides to hide her sister's gifts. Jen comes to realise that Beth is no longer a baby, but a little girl who adores her big sister –- and that sisterhood is the best gift of all.'

Price: 74RMB on Amazon.cn.

A World of Pausabilities

A World of Pausabilities

Who's it for? Kids aged four and above; and adults who need a reminder to stop for a minute and appreciate the wonderful things that this world has to offer.

The publisher says: 'Told in rhyming verse and beautifully illustrated images, this book is an inviting introduction to mindfulness. Following a neighbourhood of kids and their activities on a summer day, readers will learn how to apply mindfulness to simple, everyday moments, and how days are filled with endless possibilities to take a pause.'

Price: 103RMB on amazon.cn.

Why Am I Blue?

Why Am I Blue?

Who's it for? Kids aged four to eight; it deals with issues of self-acceptance and learning to understand and embrace our differences.

The publisher says: 'When a frog questions why he is blue and not green like the other frogs, his friends try to help him see why being blue is special. Eventually, he comes to realise that he is blue because he’s blue and that’s enough. This picture book helps kids accept and embrace what makes them unique.'

Price: 127RMB on amazon.cn.

Don't Put Yourself Down in Circus Town: A Story about Self-Confidence

Don't Put Yourself Down in Circus Town: A Story about Self-Confidence

Who's it for? Kids aged five to eight; or anyone who appreciates the old Chinese proverb 'Failure is the mother of success'.

What the publisher says: 'Ringmaster Rick fosters self-confidence in his fellow circus performers by discouraging negative self-talk and put-down statements. This book can help show kids how to keep trying, ask for help, and focus on effort instead of results.'

Price: 64RMB on amazon.cn.

Big Red and the Little Bitty Wolf

Big Red and the Little Bitty Wolf

Who's it for? Kids aged five and above; it's aimed at children who are having problems with bullying. 

What the publishers say: 'Little Bitty Wolf used to love to walk to school at Pine Cone Elementary, until Big Red Riding Hood moves into town. Big Red loves nothing more than teasing, taunting, and terrorizing Little Bitty. This book shows kids that sometimes an unexpected solution to being bullied can be the most successful.'

Price: 93RMB on amazon.cn.

Bounce Back

Bounce Back

Who's it for? Kids aged four to eight; especially if they need a little help recovering – or bouncing back – after a difficult situation.

What the publishers say: 'Some people just seem to bounce back from tough times more easily than others do, but the truth is that resilience isn’t something you’re born with, it’s something you learn. This book aims to help pre-teens unearth their "bounce" with activities and strategies that help build resilience under challenging circumstances.'

Price: 225RMB on amazon.cn.

Visiting Feelings

Visiting Feelings

Who's it for? Kids aged five to eight; or anyone who loves Pixar's Inside Out and wants a little advice on how to come to terms with their feelings.

The publisher says: 'It invites readers to identify, explore, and befriend their feelings and treat their emotions like guests by getting to know them and understanding why they are visiting'.

Price: 117RMB on amazon.cn.

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