ChouChou BonBon Kids Café

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Photograph: courtesy ChouChou BonBon
200 Guoan Lu
The first branch from the popular Korean children’s café brand in Shanghai, ChouChou BonBon is a 'premium' kids café that brings child-proofing to the next level with almost all corners in the restaurant and the entire play area padded. The remarkable space is complete with a netted crawling area, trampoline, on-stage drum set and even a toy Dyson vacuum. The entire café is extensive, featuring many zones for play, including a dressing room, a small BBQ pasture, an almost-complete house set with a kitchen, washing machine and refrigerator, a room full of cars and trains and a bending slide that even adults can have a go at.

As you can infer, the toys are imported, set-up safe and the design is classy with lots of natural sunlight through large windows. There are enough play areas for kids to spend the entire afternoon while parents can enjoy a good meal. Salads, pizzas, milkshakes, coffee and more can be found in the Western-style menu, providing a good range of fare, all in one concise sheet.

Although the location is far out from downtown, and the building deceivingly unassuming, you will not be disappointed by the café the resides within. The café is just newly opened so expect much more toys and fun to come in as time goes by. The third floor is also home to other children-related facilities such as classes that you might want to check out. We also hear that more branches will be open soon in other parts for Shanghai, so keep your ears peeled for more information.

Venue name: ChouChou BonBon Kids Café
Opening hours: 10am-8pm Mon-Fri; 10am-8.30pm Sat-Sun
WeChat: chouchoubonbon
Metro: Sanmen Lu
English address: Third Floor, Building 1, 200 Guoan Lu, near Sanmen Lu, Yangpu district
Chinese address: 杨浦区国安路200号君庭广场1号楼3楼,近三门路