Kungfu Komedy turn one

The Shanghai stand up comedy troupe tell us their best jokes

Shanghai stand up comedy troupe Kungfu Komedy turn one this month and are putting on a special show at Malone's on Tongren Lu to celebrate their anniversary. To give you a flavour of how funny they are, Charlotte Middlehurst asked them to tell us their best and worst jokes


Name Audrey Murray (pictured above)

Best joke Whenever I hear the phrase ‘died laughing,’ I always think of my aunt, who died as a result of the following knock knock joke. ‘Knock knock.’ ‘Who’s there?’ ‘An armed robber.’

Worst joke I had a joke about inappropriate situations in which to use emoticons and warned people not to check up on tsunami victims by texting: ~^? (Did your house get knocked over by a tsunami?)


Name Morten Fausboll

Best joke My best joke has undoubtedly been the one about how Chinese people go to the amusement park. Well, it was a series of jokes really where I acted out different situations. But to give you a gist then imagine the frustration as a foreigner riding the bumper cars when two Chinese guys after bumping into each other, jump out of the cars, start yelling at each other and smoke cigarettes.

Worst joke In retrospect, performing a one-man cabaret of Titanic the Musical in Danish may have been a little overambitious.


Joe SchaeferName Joe Schaefer

Best joke I have an entire routine built around the wonder of Taobao.

Worst joke When I decided to do a series of Shanghai-based ‘Yo Momma’ jokes.


Name Andy Curtain

Best joke People say, ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’. So when I got there, I harassed some women and went bankrupt.

Worst joke One night at O’Malley’s, my mic crackled through half my set then cut out entirely. I proceeded sans amplification, it was pretty tough but the audience thought it was part of the act.


Kungfu Komedy appear at Malone’s on Friday 17.

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