Medical care

Learn how you can provide support and financial assistance

Courtesy of Heart to Heart 
We round up Shanghai's organisations that provide support and financial assistance to those in need of surgeries. 

Baobei Foundation

What they do Working closely with Shanghai-based medical professionals and orphanages in the region, the Baobei Foundation helps provide urgently needed medical care for babies with gastro intestinal or neuorological birth defects. Through donations and fundraising events, it provides transport to advanced medical facilities in Shanghai and covers the costs of surgeries as well as aftercare services.
How you can help Volunteers can assist with fundraising and administrative tasks as well as with hospital visitations and post-surgery care at healing homes. See the organisation’s website for full details.

Heart to Heart Shanghai

What they do For over a decade, Heart to Heart has been providing support and financial assistance to children from disadvantaged areas in need of surgery for congenital heart defects. While their heart surgery sponsorship programme remains the main focus of their work, Heart to Heart has also expanded operations to include related projects such as a school library initiative and now operates near-daily hospital play sessions with affected children.
How you can help In addition to donating unwanted goods (such as clothing, food and hotel or airplane vanity kits) and money, you can help support Heart to Heart through a number of volunteering opportunities. These include participating in the aforementioned hospital play sessions and knitting cardigans for, or assembling, Heart Bears (sold to raise funds).