Shanghai by bike: Suzhou creek

Fly by old streets and secrets places around Suzhou Creek

Suzhou Lu Map

Distance 11 miles
Bike time 3.5 hours
Difficulty Medium – flat and no traffic
Route Changfeng Park, M50 art complex, Nan Suzhou Lu
Highlight Playing outdoor billiards on the bustling Baiyu Lu

Start at the most western point of Guangfu Lu, near Zhongjiang Lu, and head east. You’ll pass a giant matchbox-shaped matchstick museum. Keep going and pass the entrance to Changfeng Park, one of the most activity-packed parks in town. Continue east and turn left at Kaixuan Lu. Keep heading north and turn right at Ningxia Lu, then turn right onto Baiyu Lu, a bustling, snaking street with two outdoor billiard tables and traditional housing like that in the Old City.

At the end of the road, turn left and cycle east along Guangfu Lu, which runs alongside Suzhou Creek. Continue past more single-storey shacks, and you’ll arrive at sections of the creek that display more visible effects of the 1998 Suzhou Creek Rehabilitation Project, such as the high-rise residential tower blocks looming over the waterway. Take the narrow pathway at creek level wherever possible (occasionally you’ll have to lift your bike up and down several steps).

Keep following the creek until the road becomes Qingshuiwan Lu, then turn right onto Zhongtan Lu and cross the bridge.


Turn left onto Moganshan Lu, passing the graffiti covered wall that leads to the M50 art complex. Follow Moganshan Lu until the end and turn right when the road turns into Xi Suzhou Lu. Keep following the creek east and the road turns into Nan Suzhou Lu. Continue east and turn left at Sichuan Lu, crossing the bridge.

Stop at the end of the bridge, and head up to the secret rooftop garden at the Shanghai Post Office and Postal Museum for a well-deserved rest.

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