Shanghai by bike: Former French Concession

Have a slow cruise on two wheels around the Former French Concession

Route suggested by Ben Yang, Rideal

fcc map
‘From Anfu Lu, ride south on Changshu Lu, turn left on Changle Lu, turn right on Donghu Lu, down to Fenyang Lu and turn left on Yongkang Lu where you can stop for coffee or a beer. From here, turn right on Jiashan Lu, turn left on Zhaojiabang Lu, turn right on Ruijin Lu and then you can go all the way to Longteng Avenue beside Xuhui Riverside.

‘The Former French Concession is a nice place to cruise along; not everyone is a fast rider and mostly people just want to have a slow ride on a sunny afternoon. In between Julu Lu and Zhaojiabang Lu, east to Sinan Lu, west to Huashan Lu, are lots of small, quiet roads for a lazy afternoon. There are a lot of cafés along the way too and places for some unique photos.’