A quick guide to ShanghART Taopu

The warehouse complex home to Shanghai's best modern art collection

Located on the outskirts of the city on Line 11, the ShanghART Taopu complex was opened last October. It now hosts a number of studio spaces (including new media artist Zhang Ding) as well as the cavernous 1,400sqm ShanghART Taopu Warehouse, which houses perhaps the most impressive collection of Chinese contemporary art in Shanghai.


The roster includes local big names such as Zhou Tiehai, Xu Zhen (now known as MadeIn), Yang Fudong and numerous others, including some Beijing heavyweights such as Wang Guangyi (featuring a sculpture based on his iconic ‘The Great Criticism’ series from 2002) and video art pioneer Zhu Jia (both the video and tricycle used in his 1994 work ‘Forever’, in which a a camera attached to the wheel of a flat-bed tricycle captured a 10km ride, are on display).

MadeIn's 'Dinosaurs' (2007)

The pieces are big and bombastic – the poster-piece for the space is MadeIn’s colossal ‘Dinosaurs’ (2007), two 10m glass containers featuring a real meat representation of a life-sized brontosaurus preserved in formaldehyde – a nod to Damien Hirst’s shark.


Shi Yong's 'The Moon Hues are Teasing' (2002)

Equally playful are Shi Yong’s ‘The Moon’s Hues are Teasing’ (2002), which features a huge pair of polyester trousers tailored onto giant legs, and Yang Fudong’s award-winning ‘Blue Kylin’ (2008), a massive, toppled stone column first presented at the 2008 Guangzhou Triennial.


There are several pieces previously included in ShanghART’s Things from the Gallery Warehouse series, first held in their M50 H-Space in 2009 – and the warehouse contains several smaller rooms, which house short-term displays.


To coincide with the show’s opening, there are plans to open a coffee shop and a ‘supermarket’ offering more affordable works, making a trip out to Taopu a must for any follower of contemporary Chinese art.

Berwin Song

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