Small talk with Thomas Charveriat

Indie art space director of island6 on the city's art scene

Indie art space director of island6 Thomas Charveriat is a renowned artist and curator. He speaks to Time Out about the city's art scene

How do you feel about the art scene in Shanghai in 2014?
Art is moving beyond the traditional white-walled gallery, shedding antiquated notions of how art is meant to be produced. Since K11 Art Mall opened, it has forced people to reconsider art’s proper place. There’s this archaic idea that you’ve to go somewhere to witness culture, but culture is all around.

What does Shanghai mean to you?
Shanghai is a place for career building, not career making. Here you can do what you’ve dreamed of doing ten years from now – now. This is a city of dreamers who are actually brave enough to pursue their goals and make them manifest.