Let's get quizzical: Shanghai pub quizzes are back

Put your brains to the test with these Shanghai pub quizzes

Photograph: Ned Kelly
Want to show off all the random facts and knowledge you accumulated during lockdown because you had nothing else to do but scroll onto the second page of Google? It’s your time to shine. We’ve put together a list of some of the pub quizzes that are back up and running again in Shanghai.


Photograph: Sammy

Think you know everything about Britain because you watched Downtown Abbey and once did a history assignment on the queen? The Thursday night quiz at Camden’s is just the place for you then. The quiz is predominately British themed but is on the slightly easier side so you don’t need to spell colour with a ‘u’ to participate. They have fish and chips for just 50RMB and British chicken curry and chips for 48RMB. There are also drink specials available: draft beer, house red/white wine and spirits all for 30RMB.

Time Thursdays, 7:30pm.
Deals Food and drink specials available.
Prizes Various British good (meat packs, McCoy’s snacks, etc.).

Camden's, B1, 158 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Yi Lu.

The Rooster

Photograph: Chase Williams

Instead of continuing to binge watching your favourite show on Netflix on Sunday night, why not head on down to The Rooster to get your brain warmed up for the rapidly approaching work week? The quiz has five rounds of five to ten questions. Each round has a topic covering things like current events, geography, music and movies. The quiz starts at 7pm and finishes around 9pm. Prizes include Rooster vouchers and rounds of shots. There is also an 11 week season starting in September with a prize for the overall winner. Drink specials include 35RMB glasses of house wine, 40RMB goose island ipa draft, 100RMB jameson shots, 150RMB bottles of prosecco.

Time Sundays, 7pm.
Deals Food and drink specials available.
Prizes Vouchers and shots available.

The Rooster, 455 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu.

Abbey Road

abbey_roadPhotograph: Rebecca

This Thursday night quiz at Abbey Road is perfect for all you out there who like a generous dose of booze to get your brain into gear. And with happy hour specials all night you don’t have to break the bank getting your buzz on either. This quiz has three rounds of five general knowledge questions. There is one shot question in each round where the team to turn in the correct answer first wins a round of shots. If that’s not enough to lure you there, they also have great food specials available. The prize for first place is a 300RMB voucher, a round of shots and one bottle of house wine, second place gets a 200RMB voucher and third place gets a round of free shots (up to 6 people).

Time Thursdays, 8pm.
Deals Food and drink specials available.
Prizes Vouchers and shots available.

Abby Road, 3 Taojiang Lu, near Hengshan Lu.

Yugo Grill

yugoPhotograph: Paula

What better way is there to start your weekend then by enjoying some great food, indulging in frivolous quizzing (or serious quizzing if you like), and having a couple of drinks? The Friday night quiz at Yugo Grill just so happens to offer all of this. The quiz follows the same format as Abbey Road and is also run by Emmett Sheridan (who also hosts the quiz at The Rooster). Make sure to take advantage of the food special of the night- 299RMB for one kilogram of their Chevapcici (beef/pork sausages) which easily feeds four people. We also recommend trying some rakija (Serbia’s national drink) to make sure your weekend starts off on the right note. There are vouchers and shots up for grabs.

Time Fridays, 8pm.
Deals Food specials available.
Prizes Vouchers and shots available.

Yugo Grill, 365 Kangding Lu, near Shaanxi Bei Lu.

The Smokehouse x The Camel

Photograph: courtesy The Smokehouse x The Camel Sports Bar

Do you have some incredible knowledge but only about some specific topics that no one is interested in listening to? The new quiz series at The Camel let’s you flex these muscles and forces everyone to listen to you. Every Tuesday starting on the 26th of July, Ned Kelly (the same quiz master from El Santo) will be hosting a themed quiz at The Camel. Every week will follow a different theme (80s, Music, 2000s, TV, Sports, Film, etc.) so you can be conveniently ‘sick’ on the weeks that cover themes that you know nothing about. The quiz starts at 7pm and ends at 9:30pm. House wines and draft Carlsberg are just 20RMB until 10pm. Spaces are limited so add the following WeChat ID: 'nedshanghai' to reserve a table.

Time Tuesdays, 7pm.
Deals Drink specials available.
Prizes Vouchers and shots available.

The Smokehouse x The Camel, 97 Xiangyang Bei Lu, by Xinle Lu.

El Santo

Photograph: Ned Kelly

Surviving as the longest running Shanghai quiz, the Wednesday night quiz at El Santo is still here to push the limits of your ‘Oh I know this one. I remember reading about this.’ The quiz has ten rounds that cover everything from current events, geography, history, pop culture, music, film and more. Be sure to get there early to take advantage of their half price drinks until 8pm. Food is also half price until 10pm. Your brain power can also be rewarded with some El Santo vouchers, bottles of Prosecco, and rounds of shots which are all up for grabs. There is a on-going league which runs for three months, the winners of which receive a 2000RMB voucher.

Time Wednesdays, 7pm.
Deals Food and drink specials available.
Prizes Various prizes available on the night. League winner receives a 2,000RMB voucher.

El Santo, B1, 158 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Yi Lu.