The Beer Lady 3 is opening near Suzhou Creek

The hops and suds empire expands its territory, this time near Suzhou Creek

Great news! There's yet another Beer Lady shop opening up in Shanghai, following the most recent addition on Kaixuan Lu in Changning just this past spring, right around the corner from the original Fahuazhen Lu shop. Upon an afternoon bike ride near Suzhou Creek, we came across a work in progress that looks like it is going to be another massive venue for thousands of bottled beers, brews on tap and all-night drinking.


It seems that the Beer Lady and her eponymous shops are on their way to taking taking over Shanghai's craft beer scene, one giant 24-hour hub at a time. This next locale is at 1247 Nan Suzhou Lu in Huangpu district, just beside the creek, and according to the team it's set to open at the end of the month (September 2017). Cheers to that!


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