Try three tequila cocktails

Featuring El Paloma Brava, Incredible Hulk, Part and Parcel

Time Out pick three best tequila cocktails to try in the city, including El Paloma Brava, Incredible Hulk, Part and Parcel

El Paloma Brava (88RMB)

Where El Cóctel
The drink A twist on the classic Paloma featuring Casa Noble reposado tequila, fresh red grapefruit juice, orange and lime juice, and Giffard agave syrup. The Paloma Brava is a special off-menu drink – ask the bar staff to make it for you, or their original Paloma, which is made with white grapefruit juice.
Johan Holmberg, head barman The reason why we use Casa Noble ultra premium tequila is because of the quality of their carefully selected blue agave plants. With traditional methods they slow cook the agave piñas for 38 hours in stove ovens. Quality of ingredients is always important when creating cocktails, and for the El Paloma Brava I chose to modify it a bit by taking out the soda but still working with the same flavours as the original Paloma, to give it much more of an individual character.

Incredible Hulk (60RMB)

Where Pocho Social Club
The drink A blend of Agavales tequila, kiwi fruit, lime juice, pineapple juice, simple syrup and Cointreau served in one of Shanghai’s friendliest bars.
Jake Pena, manager The Incredible Hulk started off as a Happy Hulk. Our barmaid Silence stole the drink’s position on the menu from me for an ‘Incredible’ version. The original was born of tequila, Midori, Luxardo maraschino and a touch of simple syrup. The Incredible Hulk, meanwhile, has a whole kiwi in it. We struggled during Pocho’s initial drink development period to choose a 100 per cent agave house tequila that mixed well without overpowering the cocktail. We chose Agavales due to its bright and simple flavor profile and drinkability. For research purposes only I drank a half bottle one evening and can report that it is absolutely drinkable on its own.

Part and Parcel (70RMB)

Where The Public
The drink Featuring 1800 Silver tequila, grapefruit, elderflower, pressed lime and hopped bitters, this drink provides a refreshing burst of fruit and is a real standout, even on The Public’s impressive drinks menu.
Bear Weng, bar manager This is our twist on the original great from [influential Chicago-based mixologist] Tobey Maloney of The Violet Hour. We use 1800 Silver tequila, and bison grass vodka because of the slightly herbal flavour as it compliments the citrus floral theme of the drink and makes for a smooth finish. We use freshly squeezed lime and grapefruit juice and house-made grapefruit bitters for a potent citrus kick that you can’t get out of commercial bitters. The sour profile is brought into balance with our house-made elderflower syrup adding a layer of floral sweetness. It’s shaken for 20 seconds until tiny ice crystals form.