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Digital art collective teamLab is opening a permanent museum in Shanghai this autumn

Immerse yourself in a forest of lamps and watch flowers bloom in teacups at this enormous venue

Photographs: courtesy teamLab
Japanese art collective teamLab has been dazzling Shanghai fans with digital projection art since March, with an enormous cascade of blooming flowers and a room of unrelenting digital tides at TANK Shanghai. Now according to a statement from the collective, its planning to open a permanent museum outside of Japan – teamLab Borderless Shanghai – this fall in Huangpu district, promising it will be a ‘museum without a map’ where visitors can interact with as many as 50 teamLab productions in the museum's 6,600 square metres.

The confirmed artworks for teamLab Borderless Shanghai include ‘Forest of Lamps’, where a seemingly infinite number of lamps hang in mid-air in a mirrored room and ‘En Tea House’, in which flowers bloom indefinitely in the teacups visitors hold. As its name suggests, the concept of teamLab Borderless comes from the idea of not confining artworks in certain places. They will be able to move across different rooms, interact with visitors and other artworks and even transcend geographic borders, connecting with works at teamLab Borderless Odaiba Tokyo.


Formed in 2001, teamLab is a multidisciplinary art collective made up of artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects. The core of its creation lies in the belief that digital technology enables us to forge a new relationship between humans and nature.

The collective currently has dozens of exhibitions and works around the globe, including in Spain, the UK, Singapore, China and the US. But if you can't wait for the Shanghai museum to open its doors, catch the collective's current show at TANK until Saturday 31.

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