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Cocktail bar EPIC wins Asia's 50 Best Bars One To Watch Award

High recognition for Cross Yu and his team

Photograph: courtesy EPIC
After last month’s Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants announcement, it’s now time for the folks in the high-end food game to take a step back and let the region’s world of drink stand in the spotlight. The ceremony for Asia’s 50 Best Bars is just around the corner (taking place virtually on Thursday 6 May) and in the leadup to the big night the platform is already recognising some of Asia’s finest drinking dens.

Yesterday, Asia’s 50 Best Bars announced the winner of its prestigious Campari One To Watch Award that shines a light on the rising bar most favoured to make the main list either in May or future years. The winner? Shanghai’s own three-storey house of funky cocktails, EPIC, helmed by Cross Yu (who we also spoke to recently about his bartending journey).

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Photograph: courtesy EPIC

Cross and his team at EPIC are no strangers to the city’s cocktail aficionados (or award recognition) and are well known for their high-energy hospitality and equally excellent drinks. It’s been a big year for Yu, who also opened his second venue Glory (a café-bar-club hybrid) last October, and this bit of news makes us feel very ready for some more ‘epic sh**t’ down on Gaoye Lu. Espresso martini shots tonight, anyone?

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