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These bars are giving away a total of 200 cocktails tonight

There's 25 mules up for grabs at each venue, first come first served

Photographs: courtesy Bundaberg
Tough day in the office? Need something cold (and boozy) to combat this rather suffocating weather? Just a sucker for a good mule? Whatever the reason – we’ll always find one for a drink, especially when it comes for free.

Just for tonight, early-birds can nab a mule on the house as Aussie-soft drink brand Bundaberg is pairing up with eight Shanghai watering holes through September for a month of mule madness (aka The Shanghai Mules). To get the party started, each bar is giving away 25 of their signature mules (a total of 200 across the city) – all made with Bundaberg as the ginger beer base.

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Drinking establishments on the list include Tacolicious, UP, Roxie, Bitter, X Bar, The Rooster and both Funkadeli locations (Yanping and Fumin Lu). It’s first come first served, from when the bars open. But, before rushing out of work in pursuit of your free mule, click the link here to find out how to claim it.

Hopefully you’re already sitting down sipping magic from a copper mug by the time you’re done reading this…