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A cold wave will be hitting China this week

What, you thought temperatures were done dropping?

Photograph: Galina N via Unsplash
Whip out the winter essentials and grab some hot chocolate. If you think it’s cold now, it’s about to get even colder. SHINE reports that the next few days will see colder temperatures and possibly even rain.

Areas all over China will be affected, including Shanghai, with temperatures predicted to hit as low as 3 degrees C downtown, with chances of frost farther out from the city centre. Temperatures are estimated to pick up a bit on Thursday, reaching around 13 degrees C, with a mild drop down to 10 for Friday.

From there, things will only continue to cool down, as ‘meteorological winter’ – five consecutive days of an average temperature below 10 degrees C – will be coming soon. Brrr.

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