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Costco has stopped selling croissants and roast chicken until further notice

Who could've guessed they'd be the cause of such large gatherings?

Photograph: Getty Images
Bad news for those who love Costco's Kirkland signature meals. According to SHINE, as of Monday 24, the US supermarket giant has stopped selling its popular rotisserie chicken and croissants until further notice amid COVID-19 to help prevent crowds from gathering. Also, indoor traffic will now be limited to only 1,000 customers at the Shanghai warehouse.

The new measure came through after Minhang district’s government warned the supermarket that there were still large crowds of shoppers gathering. The supermarket was found to be so packed that people couldn't move their trolleys around and find parking spots.

Although most customers were taking proper safety measures and wearing masks, the crowd was still too big and had to be dispersed. Who knew people loved Costco's roast chicken and croissants so much?

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