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Negative PCR result needed to take public transport from June 1

Find out how to get a PCR test at the 15,000 semi-permanent test stations across the city

Photograph: Scarbor Siu via Unsplash
The gate to your compound might be open for limited-time outings these days, but taking the city’s public transport isn’t what you remember from those happier, pre-lockdown times.

Apart from the fact that only four subway lines (Lines 3, 6, 10 and 16) and a small number of bus routes are currently operating, you also need a negative PCR test result, taken within the previous 72 hours, to be able to take buses and tubes starting June 1.

Knowing you have to use public transportation within the following three days could mean you need to get a PCR test on your own, as group tests organised inside compounds are carried out more and more infrequently these days.

While designated Shanghai hospitals and clinics still provide on-site tests, the city is setting up 15,000 semi-permanent test stations to meet the demand once the lockdown is officially lifted.


How do I find the nearest test station?

Located on the same page where you find your health code, the ‘Test Station’ button is the second icon to the lower left (see the photo below). Pressing this button, you’ll see all of the nearest stations to your current location. There’s a built-in map for navigation purposes. Four colours – green, yellow, orange and grey – indicate how busy a station is, from green (less than three minutes’ queuing time) to orange (15 minutes or longer). The grey coloured icon means the station is temporarily closed.

While most stations tend to open nine hours a day all week long, a small number are open 24 hours each day.


Is it free?

According to Wenhui Daily, all the tests done before June 30 are free of charge; all you need is your PCR code on your phone. Oh, and remember to keep a social distance of one metre if there's a queue.