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6 things to know if you were born in the year of the pig

A quick guide on all things zhunian

Photograph: Amy Snelling
Happy New Year! Whether you've travelled home to see your family, stayed put in Shanghai, or are currently sunning yourself on a beach somewhere, you've probably noticed the influx of pig-related dongxi that's started appearing all over the place. Yep, it's the Year of the Pig and if you were born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, or 2007, it's your year. Not sure what that means? We've put together a quick guide on all things zhunian to help make sure you bring home the bacon this year.

Photograph: Yang Xiaozhe

Personality traits

Pigs are loyal, honest, gentle, warm-hearted people. However, they also have a tendency to be short-tempered, naive and gullible. Just like an actual swine, if you were born in The Year of the Pig, you're also probably pretty sluggish at times. You also love rolling around in the mud and are great at finding truffles in the woods. (We made up the last two).


Two, five and eight are considered lucky numbers for Pigs, while one, three and nine are thought to be unlucky. This means that one-third of your trips to Found 158 won't be great this year – which is how it is for most people to be fair – and you should probably avoid any events at Taixing Square (Zhangyuan 99). However, you should definitely go to Hong Kong, as the dialling code down there starts with 852. The numbers don't lie...


Yellow, gold, brown and grey are your go-to colours for 2019, while red, blue and green should best be avoided. This will make riding the metro very confusing this year. For example, the number two is lucky but the colour green isn't, which makes a trip on Line 2 fraught with uncertainty. It's gonna be a nightmare if you work at People's Square, as despite eight and two being considered lucky, red (Line 1), green (Line 2) and blue (Line 8) are not. Our advice? Take the bus...

Photograph: Amy Snelling


The southeast is where your good fortunes lie, so it's pretty convenient that you live in Shanghai. It also sounds like a perfect excuse to book a holiday to Vietnam or Thailand, if you ask us. The northeast will also be prosperous for you this year, so good news if you're a student at Fudan. It also sounds like a trip to Japan is on the cards.


If you're a Pig, you're a perfect match for Tigers, Rabbits and Sheep, while you'll only have bad experiences if you get involved with Snakes or Monkeys as you'll have totally conflicting personalities. Better change the bio on your Tinder profile to 'Not into S&M'...

Famous Pigs

Henry VIII, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Wahlberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Mila Kunis, Stephen King, Ronald Reagan, Hillary Clinton, Oliver Cromwell, Ewan McGregor and this guy below...


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