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New study ranks Shanghai 9th in the world for culture

The rankings were jointly compiled by researchers from Shanghai Jiaotong University and the University of Southern California

Photograph: Daniel Chen via Unsplash
It seems like people are always finding different ways to rank Shanghai. It was named most foreigner-friendly city in Mainland China, the fifth safest megacity in the world for women, has the world's 29th coolest neighbourhood and is the 76th best city on the planet for millennials to live out their freelancing, avocado-eating, Instagramming, tinder-swiping, apartment-sharing years. And now it's getting a shout out for its culture.

A ranking of international cultural metropolises, put together by researchers from both Shanghai Jiaotong University and the University of Southern California, has seen Shanghai place ninth on a list of 51 cities, two places behind our northern counterparts up in Beijing.

According to SHINE, the rankings were formed based on 52 indicators across ten areas, such as public cultural facilities and public participation in cultural events. New York, London and Paris took out the top three spots respectively, but Shanghai placed first in public involvement in cultural activities, with Beijing placing second.

Shanghai also placed in the top ten in lists covering cultural tourism, internet development, public culture, public involvement in cultural events and cultural education. So, yeah, another place on another list. We wonder what the next one will be...

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