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Shanghai hotels will stop providing disposable toothbrushes and combs from this July

Waste not, want not, right?

Photograph: Alex via Unsplash
Whether you’re travelling to Shanghai for business or holiday, remember to pack your own toothbrush and comb. Shanghai hotels will stop providing six disposable items from July 1 as part of a city-wide campaign to cut down waste, reports SCMP. You can still request them, but it’s not yet clear if there’ll be extra fees.

Other items on the list include razors, nail clippers, shower loofahs and shoe brushes. Soap, shower gel and toothpaste aren’t on the list – probably due to restrictions on liquids and lotions for travellers – and slippers are still good to go, too.

Hotels that don’t follow the regulations will face a fine of up to 5,000RMB. According to Shanghai Observer, Shanghai hotels are willing to comply with the new regulations, and many of them have already taken steps to raise customers’ awareness of the regulations inside guest rooms and on their websites.

Shanghai isn’t the first city to put forth regulations like this. Shandong Province has urged hotels to charge for disposable items since June 2011.

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