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WeChat’s added a few new features to its platform

Looks like the super app is getting a few upgrades

Photograph: Macau Photo Agency via Unsplash
Looks like WeChat’s getting a few upgrades. TechNode reports that WeChat recently added three new features to its platform, apparently in a bid to compete with the user engagement abilities of ByteDance (owner of Douyin).

The first feature is pretty simple: an improved search engine. WeChat’s updated search function now allows you to filter your search by type, including Moments, articles, official accounts, mini-programs and more.

Another adjustment is the integration of WeChat mini-programs into other Tencent apps like Weishi, a video-sharing app akin to Vine. If a product appears in a Weishi video, for example, now an e-commerce link will appear that can direct you to a mini-program store selling that product. Pretty nifty.

The last update you may begin to see is the addition of ‘Related Articles’ at the end of certain posts from official accounts. The change hasn’t yet taken place across the entire platform, though, and recommended readings are currently the same for all readers, so the app still has a way to go in the AI department before users get more personalised suggestions.

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