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Most Shanghai offices to stay closed until Sunday 9 February

After the New Year holiday was officially extended, the city's taking further action to curb the spread of the new coronavirus

Photograph: Yiran Ding via Unsplash
According to a post from the Shanghai Municipal Government’s official WeChat account, companies in Shanghai should not return to work earlier than midnight on Sunday 9 February to curb the spread of the new coronavirus. This includes both government and private companies but excludes certain enterprises like utilities, pharmaceutical companies and grocers.

​The New Year holiday had already been officially extended, now ending on Sunday 2 February. So far local authorities have reported 53 coronavirus cases in Shanghai.

The city’s schools and universities have also postponed reopening until at least Monday 17 February. While many tourist sites, parks and museums have been closed for days, more venues around town have begun announcing temporary closures as well. The China CDC recommends avoiding crowded public areas, but if you are heading out, grab a mask, wash your hands often and call ahead to check that wherever you’re going is open.

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