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Shanghai’s temporarily halting cross-province bus services

Another safety measure the city’s taking right now

Photograph: chuttersnap via Unsplash
Shanghai’s really not playing around when it comes to public safety vis-à-vis the novel coronavirus outbreak. In addition to the city’s decision to keep all schools closed until at least Monday 17 February and most offices closed until midnight on Sunday 9 February, the city is now bumping up prevention measures when it comes to public transportation.

The Beijing News reports that as of yesterday (Monday 27), Shanghai’s public transport has been adjusted to cease operation of long-haul bus services across provinces. How long this policy will be in effect and how strictly it will be enforced are unclear at this time, though for the moment it may be a good idea to reconsider making plans to travel outside of the city anyway. In the meantime, remember to avoid crowded places as much as possible and wear a mask when outdoors.

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