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Shanghai is bumping up novel coronavirus prevention measures on public transport

Temperature checks and increased sanitation as chunyun travellers return to Shanghai

Photograph: Nuno Alberto via Unsplash
Though the extended date for office closures is coming to an end soon, Shanghai still isn’t out of the woods quite yet with regards to the novel coronavirus outbreak. The city is bumping up safety measures a little more as chunyun travellers make their way back to Shanghai.

SHINE and the Shanghai Municipal Government announced that the city’s implementing additional preventative measures during this time, including increased disinfection and sanitation on railways, airports and other modes of public transportation. Passengers are also undergoing body temperature checks at nine major transportation hubs, like Shanghai Railway Station and Hongqiao Railway Station.

Even with all of these measures in place, the director of Huashan Hospital's infectious disease department and head of the coronavirus treatment team in Shanghai, Dr Zhang Wenhong, advises everyone to remain at home for another two weeks.

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