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What's it really like living in Shanghai? Tell us in our reader survey

The Time Out Index 2020 survey is now open

Photograph: Zhang Kaiyv via Unsplash
In 2019, Time Out editors around the world asked more than 34,000 urban dwellers to weigh in on the nitty-gritty details of life in their cities. What we discovered about Shanghai may not surprise you: Old Xuhui was voted the city's best neighbourhood to eat and drink. When it comes to exercise, we're more active than our friends up in Beijing. And 75 percent of you said you enjoy living here.

While we may not be experiencing much of that right now, it’s time for you, residents of Shanghai, to sound off on a host of city-related questions, like: How expensive is it for a night out? What's it like to date here? And about how many hours do you work per week?

Take the Time Out Index 2020 survey, and let us know what makes your city a great place to live overall. Or use this as a handy way to get some stuff off your chest – it’s your call. To say thanks, once you’ve finished, we’ll tell you your soul city – the place that, based on your survey answers, you need to visit this year. May the best city win.

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