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How to sign up for notifications on 247tickets event cancellations

Some events may get cancelled during the novel coronavirus outbreak – this list may help

Photograph: Antoine Julien via Unsplash
The spread of the novel coronavirus has certainly taken its toll on operations in the city, from the city government temporarily shutting down offices and schools to temperature checks and increased sanitation efforts on the metro. Not surprisingly, all these policies have affected other public spaces like performance halls and music venues. As a result, a number of performances have been cancelled, like Suchmos or The Novembers, while others have been postponed, like Stormzy or Madilyn Bailey.

To cope with this, tickets platform 247tickets has developed a list that will alert you to any ticket cancellations for events happening in the near future that may get axed. Click here to sign up for cancellation alerts, after which you’ll receive a link via email within 30 days of the event’s cancellation. You'll also be sent a form to fill out in order to receive a full refund.

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